Future of the brand - no end in sight

Unfortunately, our first blog post is overshadowed by the COVID-19 crisis. Actually, we wanted to talk to them about reliability of a quartz movement - but that would not do justice to the current situation.
Instead, we want to look ahead together with them and talk about the future. Although we are also affected by the crisis, it is not an existential collapse. At this point, we would like to keep our fingers crossed for everyone, whether job seekers, employees, the self-employed or entrepreneurs - although the short-term future may be uncertain for one or the other, we can say from experience that everything will return to normal in the medium to long term.
Work is not standing still for us - the concept of the next model is already in the pipeline (patience is still required, unfortunately) and will bring some interesting innovations. For the first time, we are using unconventional processes in production and are relying on an even more unusual design language - the basic DNA remains the same. Sporty and striking, but this time an automatic movement from Switzerland ticks in it - the rest of the parts come from Germany - so we also bump into a higher price range for the first time. The V5 Chrono will of course continue to be produced.
All existing and future straps will, according to our policy, fit all upcoming models of Machia.
This also brings us to the next outlook, but this time into the near future. At the moment, a stainless steel bracelet for the V5 chronograph is in pre-production. Contact with them, the customers, has shown that many would like a high-quality stainless steel bracelet to complement the silicone.
Great addition: As soon as the stainless steel bracelets are available (tba), we will contact every single customer and inform you about special conditions. As an existing customer, you enjoy your benefits.

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